“Making Disciples”

Dr. Ellis came to Faith Baptist Church with a vision and a mission to “make disciples.” This vision became even clearer after serving in the church during the first year of his tenure. Since then, he has developed a four-fold approach to making disciples which has resulted in four distinct classes. Each class is a four-week study.

Level One of our discipleship course focuses upon being “Committed to Church Membership.” Designed for new or prospective members, participants learn what it means to be a member of Faith Baptist Church, what is to be expected of our members, and how they can expect the church to assist in developing their faith.

Level Two focuses upon being “Committed to Personal Faith Development.” During this period of four weeks, members learn how to establish spiritual disciplines such as personal Bible study, personal worship, and a lifestyle of prayer. Many people who have a history of living as a Christian already know something about establishing these spiritual disciplines, but admit that they need to become more committed to developing their faith.

Level Three focuses upon being “Committed to Church Ministry.” In this class, members explore their own passions, talents, and spiritual gifts with the intent to find the best place in the life of the church where they can serve God in our ministries. Often times, church members lose focus and passion for their church life because God created us and saved us to serve Him. Serving God begins in the local church setting.

Level Four focuses upon being “Committed to the Great Commission.” Not only does Dr. Ellis has a great passion for leading individual persons into a saving relationship with Jesus, but also to teach church members how they too have been called to share the gospel in our everyday conversations. In addition, this final level of making disciples is designed to mobilize church members to plug into local and surrounding mission opportunities, where we can serve God by helping people in practical ways. That’s missions!

Our 16 Week Curriculum for making disciples is not all there is to discipleship at Faith Baptist Church. D-Groups are nine month to one year small group studies which men or women groups get together for Bible study, prayer, and discussion. Here, small cohort groups hold one another accountable to spiritual disciplines and practice transparency in their Christian living.

Our goal is to continually broaden the availability of specialized biblically based study to provide our members the fullest potential they desire to “Go Deeper in Our Faith.”