“My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples.” — John 15:8

This verse is the reason why I often use the term “fruit-bearing disciples of Jesus Christ.” An untold number of church members consider themselves to be followers of Jesus. And, to a certain extent, they are. They belong to a church family; study the Bible, pray, practice Christian living, listen to Christian music. You get the idea. “Christian,” right? Members at Faith Baptist Church often hear me distinguish between being a church member and becoming a “fruit-bearing disciple of Jesus.” Here is what I mean. The primary creative function of fruit is to “make more fruit.” The meat of the fruit, which provides food for us, actually serves to nourish the seeds, so that the fruit can reproduce. When you invited Jesus into your life, repenting of sin, receiving His forgiveness and salvation, yes it was because God loves you. But, He also loves everyone else around you. God knows that you have a whole network of relationships. People at work, school, neighbors, close friends, and of course your relatives. Are some of these folks lost without Christ? Trapped in their sins, lives filled with sorrow and pain? How are they supposed to make the same decision about Jesus that you have made? Look again at the verse above. Jesus said that if you want to know if you are truly a disciple of His, then the evidence will be in the new life which can be directly traced back to YOUR OWN work of creating new believers. He said that THIS is what glorifies His Father. In other words, this is what He is looking for in you. All of your worship, Bible study, godly living, every expression of your faith is to equip you to “Put Your Hands to the Stone” which lies between your lost friend and the saving power of Jesus. Keep that goal in sight. That is the heart of the Great Commission. That’s what it means to be a sower of seeds.