Our Vision

When Dr. Phil Ellis came to Faith Baptist Church, it was firmly embedded in his heart and mind to develop a congregation intent on becoming “fruit-bearing disciples of Jesus Christ.”

That means that our church is focused upon the task of “making disciples.”  The Great Commission of Jesus Christ is already a vital part of Southern Baptist life and thought.  Still, the sad reality is that a vast majority of our churches are in a state of decline in membership, as many of our churches are experiencing a disconnect with our surrounding communities.  In that environment, many of our Southern Baptist churches are not intentionally producing disciples.

A core foundation to our church’s ministries is a four-step process that we ask all of our active members to actively participate.  These four stages of faith development are what inspires the church’s logo image and motto, “Going Deeper in Our Faith.”  By the time our members have completed this foundational study, they will have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a committed church member, how to practice a lifestyle of personal devotion and worship, find their own place in the life of the church’s ministries, and be fully equipped to share their own story of Christ’s transforming power.  Faith Baptist Church—Going Deeper in Our Faith!